Coconut 1 big (grate and measure it)
Sugar 3/4 measure of grated coconut
Milk powder 1/2 cup. ( if you want to prepare with condensed milk
instead of milk powder add 1/4 cup.)

Gee 1 tbs
Options Any essence


Heat a thick bottomed vessel , add coconut and sugar keep stirring in medium flame.
When it is not sticking to the edges add milk powder and stir.
Grease a tray and keep aside.
When the stirring is done add ghee mixed nicely and transfer into the greased tray.
Level it evenly and cut into desired size.

To Test Correct Consistency of the Burfi, please follow the tip below:
Take a bowl with little water and put a bit of burfi in it.
You should be able to make a ball of the burfi with your fingers.
The ball should not be too soft or too hard. This will tell you that it is ready to put into the greasy tray.