Genre: Satirical comedy

Cast: Prithvi, Saloni, Navin Chandra, Shruthi Sodhi, Posani Krishna Murali, Murali Sharma, Raghubabu

Music: DJ Vasant

Director: E Sattibabu

Producer: KK Radha Mohan

Sattibabu is a wellknown name for comedy films and he has cast 30-years-industry Prithvi in a lead role. So, the film is expected to be a laugh riot.

Prashant (played by Navin Chandra) is a sinere boy, who meets an inebriated Priya (Shruthi Sodhi) in strange circumstances. She is fully drunk and rams her car into a divider. Prashant and Priya fall in love and as usual, Priya’s richie rich father ABR (Murali Sharma) opposes. He accuses Prashant of eyeing his vast property.