Dear Maya – Review

Cinema is commonly on this a part of the world non-cerebral and the presence of a Shabana or Tabu usually indicators the other paradigm. Good to see an addition to the gallery-Manisha Koirala. Additionally attention-grabbing is the truth that a mainstream actor is keen to vary gears albeit late. Atleast she isn’t caught within the ‘yuga-dharma’ of her earlier avatar. Expensive Maya is expensive as a result of Maya is expensive. The movie is well worth the whereas as a result of it makes daring to showcase lady outdoors the Yash Chopra, Karan Johar or Bhatt modules.

Maya (Manisha Koirala) is a loner who lives in a palatial bungalow in Shimla. She invitations the curiosity of two adolescent women Anna (Madiha Imam) and Ira (Shreya Choudhary). she falls a sufferer to a prank when the women resolve to put up nameless romantic letters. The sport is on until Ira indicators off one such letter with an actual handle from them. Maya decides to chop the umbilical wire along with her previous and Shimla and easily disappears from the scene. The buddies although initially enjoyable consumed take a chalk cheese method to the fast-changed circumstance. The enormity of the prank hits Anna. 6 years down the road she continues to be preventing arduous to cleanse her conscience and discover Maya. Maya, the recluse, is now Maya, the allusive. Having got down to chase the mirage the place does Maya go? How do the conspirators of the prank who’ve fallen aside deal with the challenges? Do they make peace with circumstances? Do they make peace with one another? Sunaina Bhatnagar scripts the solutions to the above.

Cast: Manisha Koirala, Madiha Imam, Shreya Chaudhary

Director: Sunaina Bhatnagar

Music: Anupam Roy

Cinematography: Sayak Bhattacharya

Even in the context of metro cinema, it is not